Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures to Implement the University Policy on Alcohol at the Medical Center

The University complies with New York State law and other applicable regulations governing alcoholic beverages for those on the University's premises or participating in its activities.

Reason(s) for the Policy
  • Responsible service of alcohol.
  • Legal requirements around service of alcohol.
General Principles
  1. There are laws governing when and to whom alcohol may be served. There is a University policy on alcohol, which is part of a larger policy statement on alcohol, drugs, and smoking. All Medical Center students are expected to comply with the laws and with University policies. Copies of the University policies are available in the Student Affairs Office of each CUIMC school and program in the CUIMC Office of Housing Services and in the P&S Club.
  2. As this is a Medical Center campus, we have a particular responsibility to recognize that alcohol misuse and dependency are very serious personal and public health problems. All members of the Medical Center community are expected to be sensitive to the difference between responsible and irresponsible serving and consumption of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.
  3. As CUIMC is largely a graduate student campus, we operate on the presumption that our students are adults who are responsible for their own behavior, and the procedures we adopt reflect this fact. At the same time, as in the society at large, specific guidelines and procedures are necessary to clarify expectations of behavior and to protect and promote the welfare of the larger community. When alcohol is served at student-sponsored events, the students in charge of the event are responsible for assuring that moderation is exercised in the amount of alcohol purchased and served, that both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available, and that food is served. In addition, at every student sponsored event where alcohol is served, at least one student must be designated to ensure that the event is in compliance with the policies outlined here (see numbers six and seven below). Individual students are responsible for moderating their own consumption of alcohol.
  4. In compliance with University policy, no alcohol is to be served to a person who is disorderly or who is or appears to be intoxicated.
  5. While most Medical Center students are over 21, not all are. State law prohibits the serving of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. As prescribed by law and by university policy, no individual on the Medical Center Campus shall be sold, served, given, or otherwise receive alcoholic beverages if that individual is not at least 21 years of age. Any student-sponsored function where there is a possibility of students attending who are not yet 21 must pay special attention to and comply with procedure number three in the section on procedures (see below).
  6. Respect for personal and property rights must be maintained at student events where alcohol is served. When a student-sponsored event takes place in a residence hall or other University space, there must be a designated student(s) responsible and accountable for assuring that University and Medical Center policies and procedures are known and complied with. Any damage to property resulting from disorderly or intoxicated conduct will be the financial responsibility of the students involved in such conduct. If the identity of the students cannot be determined, the group sponsoring the event during which property damage occurred will assume financial responsibility.
  7. Designated students responsible for upholding the alcohol policy at an event must participate in a training sponsored by the AI:MS (Addiction Illness: Medical Solutions) program through the Center for Student Wellness. The training will cover skills related to the points identified above, particularly:
    • procedures regarding the identification of under-age students;
    • procedures regarding the intoxicated student (non-admission, no further service, control of behavior);
    • procedures for controlling the serving of/access to alcohol.
  8. Students whose behavior under the influence of alcohol or other drugs becomes a public matter (e.g., call from Security for health reasons, damage to property) will be required to meet confidentially with the Director of the AI:MS program to discuss the incident.
  9. Because of issues related to professionalism outlined in the CUIMC Alcohol Policy, repeated occurrences related to number eight above may warrant involvement of the appropriate Student Affairs Dean.
Procedures to Be Followed

These procedures are to be followed for all student-sponsored events in University space where alcohol is expected to be served.

  1. Prior to reserving space, the student or student organization sponsoring such an event must file a plan with the appropriate office. The appropriate offices are as follows:
    • The Medical Center Office of Housing Services for Bard Hall and Georgian Apartments.
    • The relevant office of student affairs for all other space, including the Riverview Lounge.
    If sponsoring students are from more than one school or program, the event must be registered with each of the relevant schools and programs.
  2. Copies of the University Policy on Alcohol and the Guidelines and Procedures to Implement the University Policy on Alcohol on the Medical Center campus will be available in each of these offices. Student sponsors are responsible for knowing these policies and complying with them.
  3. If there is any possibility that individuals attending the event may be under 21, the event must be supervised in accordance with University policy. A designated individual or individuals must be responsible for checking the IDs of all students to assure that no one under 21 is served. Students have the option of hiring a paid proctor to carry out this responsibility or designating one or more of their own number to do so. This individual(s) must be identified by name in the plan and may not drink prior to or during the time he/she is proctoring.
  4. The plan that is filed must contain the following information:
    • Sponsoring student(s) and, where relevant, organization(s).
    • Students' schools or programs.
    • Date or dates of the event.
    • Location of the event.
    • Number of people expected.
    • Whether any individuals attending may be under 21. If so, the plan must indicate how IDs will be checked and by whom, and whether the event will be supervised by a paid proctor or by the sponsoring students.
    • Hours the space is needed for setup, for the event, and for cleanup
    • Hours during which alcohol will be served. Note: No alcohol may be served after 1:00 a.m.
    • Alcoholic beverages to be served
    • Planned number of beer kegs to be served. Note: One keg of beer serves about 75 people with two 12-ounce glasses (gross) each).
    • Nonalcoholic beverages to be served.
    • Food to be served.
    • The names of individuals who will be responsible for setup and cleanup. Note: At the end of the event, the sponsoring students must remove the taps from all kegs.
  5. Forms for providing the required plan information will be available in the student affairs offices of each of the schools and programs, in the Office of Facilities Management where space is scheduled, and in the Bard Hall Office of the Assistant Director of Residence Halls, Medical Center.
  6. These guidelines and procedures in no way supersede or substitute for the rules and Dean's Discipline of the individual schools and programs nor for the policies and rules of the Medical Center Office of Housing Services. These policies and guidelines will be reviewed on a regular basis.