Photocopier and Multi-functional Devices

This policy provides guidance for departments on acquisition of photocopiers and multi-function devices through University preferred contracts administered through Columbia University Print Services. This policy also outlines security requirements that are best met through utilization of the preferred University contract.

Reasons for the Policy

This policy provides clear direction on sourcing of photocopies and multi-function devices; ensures sourcing through vetted supplies; and promotes good data security practices.

Primary Guidance to Which This Policy Responds

This policy responds to best practices relative to the acquisition of goods/services through the use of University-Wide Preferred Agreements. It also responds to the University Data Sanitization/Disposal of Electronic Equipment Policy

Responsible University Office & Officer

Responsible University Offices: Procurement Services – Purchasing, Print Services

Responsible University Officers: Executive Director, Purchasing Operations, Executive Director, Print Services

Who Is Governed By This Policy

This policy applies to all University employees, or those working on behalf of the University, who are authorized to purchase goods and services for their department or school using government, grant or University funds

Who Should Know This Policy

All University employees who direct, make or approve procurement decisions should be familiar with the requirements within this policy. In addition, staff within Finance, Business Services and CUIT who review and approve procurement decisions, or administer security policies, should also know this policy.

Exclusions & Special Situations

Not Applicable

Columbia University strongly recommends that departments lease photocopiers or multi-function devices that print, photocopy, scan, email and fax. Further, it is strongly recommended that any leases for multi-function devices or photocopiers are done through the University’s Print Services department, which manages a University-wide leasing program for multi-function devices and photocopiers.

If a department decides to purchase a photocopier or multi-function device, it is strongly recommended that the purchase is made through a University preferred vendor. A link to the preferred vendor list and recommended models is included in the appendix to this policy. Note that leasing can ensure easier replacement and less interruption in service, while also making repair/maintenance and machine peripheral costs more predictable and often less expensive than they would be with a purchased machine.

Another benefit of utilizing a preferred vendor and University-wide Purchasing Agreement is that the equipment provided through these vendor agreements includes required security functionality, specifically Hard Drive Data Wiping Software and a Data Overwrite Security System. Any department that does not utilize a preferred vendor and University-wide Purchasing Agreement in the leasing or purchasing of a copier or multi-function device remains obligated to ensure that any machine they lease or purchase meets the requirements for Hard Drive Data Wiping Software and a Data Overwrite Security System. A link to further information on these security requirements is included in the appendix to this policy.


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Data Sanitization/Disposal of Electronic Equipment Policy