Non-Instructional Classroom Use Policy

The use of classroom space for meetings or events is permitted by the University provided that event managers adhere to this policy. 

Reason(s) for the Policy:

  • To ensure that classrooms are used appropriately and accommodate the University's academic and instructional needs.

Classrooms are primarily for academic use. Event sponsors holding meetings or activities in classrooms are responsible for ensuring the space is left clean and in order for the next occupant, as to not disrupt the academic business of the University. Event sponsors and their guests should be courteous to other classes or departmental offices in the building.

Meetings and activities held in classrooms must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Do not move tables, chairs, lecterns or any other furniture or equipment from room to room or into hallways.
  • Classroom layouts are as is. If you must rearrange furniture within a room, restore it to its original state following your event.
  • Never move any furniture marked with the ADA symbol (wheelchair) from the room. These have been placed pursuant to Federal law.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in any classroom.
  • Place trash in the appropriate containers. If your room lacks a container, or the container is full, ask participants to take their trash out and place it in the nearest hallway container.
  • Remove all materials following your event. Any items left in the room (e.g. boxes, handouts, audiovisual or photocopying equipment, postings, displays, etc.) may be discarded at your group’s expense.
  • Hallways and lobbies cannot be used for meetings or activities without specific advance authorization.
  • Devices requiring additional electrical power (e.g. lights, copiers, cameras, audiovisual equipment, etc.) need advance authorization from Facilities.
  • All windows should be closed following your event.
  • Event sponsors are responsible for enforcing these guidelines among both CU and non-CU participants.
  • Failure of event sponsors to follow these guidelines may result in the organization becoming ineligible to use classrooms in future.