Jury Duty

A regular full-time employee who is required to be absent for jury duty will receive regular pay for such absence provided that: 

  1. The employee's supervisor is shown the jury notice in advance of the jury service. 
  2. The employee obtains from the clerk of the court a certification of the time spent on jury duty and gives such certification to the supervisor. 

If an employee is released from jury duty during the course of the day, the employee is expected to report to work if scheduled to do so. 

All other employees will be paid their regular pay for the scheduled work hours missed due to jury duty for a maximum of three days. 

If an employee receives salary from the University while on jury duty, any payment received by the employee for jury duty must be immediately remitted to the University remitted to the University by signing the back of the check and sending to Payroll Operations, Studebaker Building, 615 West 131st Street.

Temporary employees not on the University payroll should contact their hiring agency regarding salary paid while on jury duty.