Commuter Bicycle Parking Enclosures on the Morningside Heights Campus

This policy outlines the University's protocols for the use of commuter bicycle parking enclosures located on the Morningside Heights campus.

Reason(s) for the Policy

This policy promotes a more bike-friendly environment at Columbia by maximizing the limited availability of space on campus that can be dedicated to bike rack parking for active Columbia bike users.

Primary Guidance To Which This Policy Responds

There is not a primary policy to which this policy responds. It is consistent with Public Safety’s Bicycle Parking Protocols Policy which outlines the University’s protocols for the storage and locking of bicycles on bike racks on the Morningside Heights campus.

Who is Governed by This Policy

All faculty, staff and students of the University who use the commuter bicycle parking enclosures on the Morningside Heights campus.

Who Should Know This Policy

All faculty, staff and students of the University who use the commuter bicycle parking enclosures on the Morningside Heights campus.

Exclusions & Special Situations

Access to the commuter bike parking enclosures is reserved only for Columbia faculty, staff and students.

Program Overview

Given that Columbia has limited space that can be dedicated to bike parking, the purpose of this policy is to ensure that Columbia can maximize the availability and efficient use of bike parking in the bike enclosures. Columbia University Environmental Stewardship has adopted the following bicycle parking policy for the commuter bike parking enclosures located on the Morningside Heights campus.

Commuter Bike Parking Policies and Protocols

There are two bike parking enclosures on Morningside Heights campus located in Wien Courtyard and the Grove entrance at Engineering Terrace. Commuter bike parking enclosures provide an added level of security and weather protection for bicycles specifically used for daily or near-to-daily use for commuting or regular travel purposes only. Bicycle tire pumps and basic repair tools are located in each bicycle enclosure. There are unique and separate rules and processes for the commuter bike parking enclosures, as compared to the other Columbia bike parking locations. The bike enclosures can be used for day or night bike parking. A bike enclosure user can be an affiliate who lives in Columbia housing and uses their bike to travel between Columbia and off-campus commitments; or an affiliate who lives off-campus and uses their bike to travel between home and Columbia.

Rules of use for Commuter Bike Parking Enclosures:

  • Users must register online and agree to the bike enclosure rules as established by this policy.
  • Only registered users in the bicycle enclosure program may utilize the bicycle enclosure.
  • Only one bicycle may be registered per registered user.
  • Bicycle enclosures are not for bike storage and are reserved for registered users only.
  • Users must have their bicycle registered with Public Safety before requesting access to bicycle enclosures. Please visit the Public Safety website for bike registration information.
  • Users must have a designated Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker displayed on the bike frame.
  • All bicycles must be front parked and secured with a bicycle lock.
  • Users must provide a contact number and email to register a bicycle in the bicycle enclosure program.

Processes for removal of abandoned or stored bike in Commuter Bike Parking Enclosures:

  • To maintain the integrity of the bike enclosures, Columbia personnel will periodically inspect the bike enclosures for unregistered, abandoned or stored bicycles. Stored bikes will be identified by any of the following: having a dusty bike seat, flat tire(s), information about the owner’s frequency of entering the bike enclosure using their Columbia University Identification.
  • Environmental Stewardship will email all registered users no less than one week prior to inspection. • Upon inspection, bicycles that are unregistered, abandoned, stored or not displaying a Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker will be tagged with a notice for removal by Environmental Stewardship.
  • A 90-day grace period will be provided from the day of tagging for the owners to collect their bike.
  • Environmental Stewardship will attempt to contact bike owners whose bikes have been tagged for removal via email and phone call.
  • Columbia is not required to hold bikes after a 90-day grace period. After the grace period, tagged bicycles will be donated or discarded by Environmental Stewardship.
  • Columbia is not responsible for bikes that have been donated or discarded of, nor any locks that have been cut to facilitate bicycle removal.

How to access and receive permission for use of Commuter Bike Parking Enclosures:


Environmental Stewardship personnel are responsible for notification and removal of bicycles that are stored in Commuter Bike Parking Enclosures for an extended period of time.

Grace Period

The current grace period for bicycle removal from Commuter Bike Parking Enclosures is 90-days after notification.