Benefits and Seniority Status While on Unpaid Leave of Absence

Employees may continue certain insurance benefit coverages during an approved unpaid leave of absence through a direct billing arrangement with the third party billing administrator, Employee Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. (EBPA). EBPA will bill for continuation of coverage for Medical, Dental, Optional Long-Term Disability, Optional Term Life Insurance and/or Dependent Life Insurance.

If payment is not received on a timely basis, coverage for the abovementioned benefits will terminate for non-payment. If the employee later reapplies for Optional Life, Spouse Life and/or Optional Long-Term Disability benefits, the employee will need to resubmit an Evidence of Insurability statement for review and approval by the insurance company.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts may continue to be accessed during the calendar year in which the unpaid leave of absence begins. Should the unpaid leave of absence extend into another calendar year, the employee will not be eligible to re-enroll in the Healthcare FSA, or receive a rollover balance, until they return from the unpaid leave of absence.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, the Child Care Benefit, and Transit/Parking Reimbursement Program accounts are suspended during an unpaid leave of absence. No claims may be submitted for expenses incurred during this period.

If an employee is using Tuition Exemption during the term in which they go on an unpaid leave of absence, the employee may continue using the benefit for that term. The employee will not be granted Tuition Exemption for any subsequent term until they return from the unpaid leave of absence. Tuition benefits for dependents may continue to be accessed during the leave of absence.

 During an unpaid leave of absence employees will not receive retirement contributions into their University or Voluntary Retirement Plan accounts.  In addition, the time the employee was on an unpaid leave of absence will not count towards credited service time for retirement or retiree medical benefits.